At We Think Dreams we are doing our part to keep the traditions of indigenous peoples alive and we are proudly dedicated to supporting Indigenous artists from All Directions. Traditional Indigenous arts have been used as a form of expression and an opportunity to tell stories in the way of Indigenous life for many years. We support creative growth and expression and are passionate about Indigenous cultures.

We are fortunate to be able to collaborate with many talented artists and we are pleased to bring to you a selection of original and authentic handmade art.

About the logo:

This is a Salish Dreamcatcher. The symbol is a blend of Indigenous cultures.

Coastal Salish Indigenous tribes include peoples of the Pacific Northwest coast of America.

The Dreamcatcher originated with the Ojibwe, whose original homeland is around the Great Lake region. The legend says that there was a time in Anishinaabe history when the people were being tormented by nightmares. Dreamcatchers allow good dreams to pass through the center of the hole and the bad dreams are trapped in the web.

The moon and stars have a special significance to Native Americans. Our ancestors passed on many stories about the moon, stories that are still being told. The moon is sometimes called Grandmother Moon. You can ask her to bring dreams to you or to help you understand the meaning of the symbols in your visions and she also holds a strong connection to the cycles of life.

In general, Indigenous peoples are spiritual people and live in close symbiosis with nature. The cultures, customs, and traditions are all odes to nature. We understand the importance of respecting life and strive to co-exist with all life forms here on Mother Earth.

We all have dreams. We all have aspirations. We all have wants. We all have desires. We think about them. We daydream about them. We pray for them. We hope for them. We go after them. We Think Dreams.